About Locos

Once upon a time, there lived a few.
The rebels, the poets, a beacon of hope grew.
Their spirit unchained, they were a revolution.
A symphony of souls, they were the beat generation.
Now here's to a new voice, a thunderous noise on the streets.
Because we, the beat generation are back, roaring on a new beat.
We seek the truth behind society's lies.
With jazz-fueled minds, with visionary eyes.
A chorus of voices, a counter-culture throng.
We dance to the rhythm of a different song.
We question the wrongs, and we challenge the norms.
A war with words, it's a passionate storm.
Their legacy echoes in our hearts today.
Inspiring free spirits along the way.
The beatniks, a flame that still burns,
And in the quest for truth, in us, their spirit returns